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Dear Clubs,

Click here for the 2014-2015 club office allocations.

Dear Student Clubs,

The York University Student Centre (YUSC) has a limited number of office spaces available for student clubs and organizations. There are more student clubs and organizations than available office spaces. Since office space is in high demand, it is being allocated annually. All clubs/organizations interested in obtaining an office must complete an Office Application Package when it becomes available. Clubs/organizations that currently have an office in YUSC building –with an exception of student services – must reapply each year.

Cleaning and moving out by current clubs that have been allocated club space with the expiration of that term is also part of the process. Traditionally the Student Centre has to the best of its ability tried to make arrangements for Student Club storage during this process. However, due to the inconsistency of this practice and lack of storage space available it is not feasible. Therefore, this letter is to give you ample notice that during the next cycle of office allocations Student Clubs will be required to clean and vacate their club offices by April 25,2014.

Please make the appropriate arrangement to find alternative storage space because the Student Centre will not be providing storage space to any club.

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