The York University Student Centre (YUSC) is the main hub for student life on campus for more than 55,000 students. The Student Centre is not only the largest food operation on campus, but also a central gathering spot for many students and student clubs. The YUSC offers registered student service groups and clubs space to share information about their clubs and upcoming events to the larger York community.

Book a table

Tabling Guidelines

Table booking is only available for Student Clubs.

  1. YUSC has a total of two tables available per day. A maximum of two chairs per table will be signed out to clubs, if available.
  2. The two tables can be booked for workdays only, and for a predefined time slot of 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
  3. Student groups can only book two table spaces per week.
  4. The tables must be set up on either side of the south entrance to the YUSC building. Student groups are responsible for ensuring that the table is placed lengthways at the designated tabling area. No tables/displays may be placed along the south windows of the colonnade, nor may they be placed in such a way as to block exits along the colonnade.
  5. All information is to be displayed on the table only (there can be no displays beside, behind or in front of the table). However, banners/posters not extending beyond the width of the table may be taped to the table with masking tape. All banners/posters must be removed upon return of the table to the YUSC office.
  6. Student groups shall not disseminate any information which can be reasonably construed as sexist, racist, homophobic, or any information which promotes hatred towards any group or individuals. If complaints are received, the YUSC office shall attempt to mediate the issue and seek an agreeable resolution. Failing such agreement, the YUSC shall make the decision it deems appropriate, given the circumstances.