Palestinian Roots

Palestinian Roots-01

Artist: Ahmad Al Abid

Medium: Acrylic

Description: This Piece of art depicts the relationship between the defenseless, the antagonist and the “other”. Each of these characters serves an important role in this painting.The tree is the defenseless; representing what seems as its indisputable fate; an inevitable destruction. The bulldozer with its indisputable intent of uprooting the tree. And finally the young man with both an ambiguous fate and disputable intent. It is the third party watching on that is left to decide whether to defend against the tree knowing its danger, or you may stand aside as you watch the tree being uprooted.

It is in question which option is best for him. Watching on as he is fluttered with conflicting emotions, implications and potential consequences of action. With each of these factors pulling him towards a different route of discourse, we find him calculating his next move.

About Ahmad Al Abid

Ahmad-01Year of Study: Graduated (June 2013)

Faculty and College: Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Artist Biography:
Initially, my interest in art can be traced back to childhood where I would admire my older cousin’s ability to draw. Although I never really took it very seriously until high school where I began drawing and then started painting. I heard about this competition through a friend who suggested that I submit my art. At first I was hesitant, but after some words of encouragement, I thought to myself ‘why not?’


My inspiration for this piece is the ongoing issue in Palestine where illegal settlement expansions have become common. These expansions come at the expense of uprooting century old olive trees, trees intertwined with the roots of the Palestinian people.